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  • What happens when instead of a weak clumsy Bella the cullens meet a confident, silly, carefree, and openly gay bella who hits on the women in eddies Family every chance she gets. Whatll happen once strange things start to happen around Bella when she finally meets the La Push pack and finds out what the Cullen's actually are!!
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  • Bella, 6/10. needs more personality, can be chaotic, best friends with Emmett, plays vampire bowling. Jasper, 10/10. part of the union because fuck smeyer you make no sense it makes no sense for him at all I will literally fight you at dawn, secret himbo, yeehaw energy, tall. Emmett, 11/10. Absolute himbo energy, amazing best friend, chaotic.
  • I must say once again that I really love this fanfic and you aswell for your dedication towards us readers with all details and long great chapters. I make a happy dance each time thers an update and singing halleluljahs :) 1. I totaly understand Emmett. He had a rough time having to deal with all that shit so early in a relationship. 2.
  • Bella's voice calls from behind the teen and the girl turns to look at her mom. The teen gives a questioning expression, and then Bella opens her arms. The girl gets up and runs into her mother's arms, and the vampire mother says, "I know you will be 18 soon but just know your Dad and I love you so much.

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    Bella: I jumped off a cliff to get the attention of my ex-boyfriend. … Buffy: I’m sorry, what? Bella: Well, he broke up with me, and I became all sad and stuff and it was the worst. I cried a lot and ate an entire jar of hummus. Katniss: And then you decided to kill yourself? Bella: Well, kind of. Mostly just to get his attention.

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    Aug 17, 2019 · Y/n Swan 14 year old sister of Bella swans is moving to Forks to live with Bella and her dad, but when she gets reunited with her childhood "imaginary" friends stuff gets real as in vampire attacks and wolf tribe real. (Set during Eclipse)

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Bella gazed into not one, but two pairs of deep brown eyes, wide and curious, with that slight squint that newborn babies have. When she had discovered that she was having twins, she had freaked out completely..." Sequel to "A Life Within". Jacob/Bella.
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